4G Global Performers, a unit of 4G Global Institute of Performing Arts & Education LLP, one the premiere Institutes in India, is known for its quality education, best facilities & to provide strong platform to multi-talents in the field of western & classical music, dance, fine-arts, education and fitness. We all have right to learn music, keep fit and enhance our knowledge in this endless world.

This Institute have 4-Centres across Delhi/ NCR and is poised to expand its wings around the Globe. We have trained over 10,000 Students & created maestros out of it.

We are affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad (a recognised university by state governments & Educational bodies for Indian Classical Music & Arts) and have exam facility with Trinity College London (The International Exam Board for Performing Arts & Western Music). We offer Diploma, Degree, Doctorate Level programme and Music Certificate Exams conducted by these universities.

Our Objective

  • To encourage the desirous students to extend their hobby into full fledged career/ profession and help them in Job Placements/ establish their own unit/ associate them in promoting social and education upgradation.
  • To discover the hidden talent of an individual and help them in exploring & transforming their dreams into reality.
  • To implement a job-oriented education system for meeting the needs, aspirations and welfare of every section of society.

Our Mission is making a "Layman to Lead man".
Our Vision is to be the primary support and platform to Multi-Talents under one roof.

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